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Press Release: Villa Electoral Committee Guidelines.

Guidelines and Election Road Map for the positions of the President and Executive Board of SC Villa. Following appointment...
1 day ago | 2 min Reading Time

SC Villa Club Statutes.

The Management Of Sports Club Villa Provides The Signed Statutes Of The Club. During the inaugural SC Villa Congress...
3 days ago | 1 min Reading Time

The Sporting Status Of SC Villa.

Sports Club Villa thanks the following first-team players whose contracts the club has officially opted not to renew for...
5 days ago | 1 min Reading Time

Road To Sports Club Villa Elections 2021.

During the 1st Sports Club Villa Congress, a resolution about the elections was made.  In accordance with the FUFA...
1 week ago | 1 min Reading Time

Resolutions Of The Inaugural Sports Club Villa Congress.

The first Sports Club Villa Club Congress(VCC) held its inaugural meeting earlier today on the 17th July 2020 and...
2 weeks ago | 1 min Reading Time

Press Release: SC Villa Owners Go To Polls.

Sports Club Villa hereby takes the opportunity to thank the fans for the unwavering support towards the club in...
4 weeks ago | 1 min Reading Time

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