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Ogwang: My role is to score goals.

Posted 2 months ago | 4 min Reading Time

To bolster our attacking prowess, we signed a towering forward Isaac Ogwang in the pre-season transfer window. Ogwang came in as our fourth signing of the window and throughout the pre-season the forward showed he was ready to hit league football like a storm.

Off his busy schedule, Ogwang put aside a few minutes and engaged in an interview with the SC Villa Communication Team and this is how it all went down:

The year 2020 has mainly been influenced by the pandemic, what effects has the Covid-19 pandemic had your career?

“The pandemic has only had positive impacts on my football career. It is in 2020  that I  joined top flight football in Uganda, it is a progress in my career.”

Your Falcao nickname, how did you get it?

“Just like Facao, I was also scoring plenty of goals for my team back then.”

After signing for Villa, how long did you take to adapt to your new environment and how challenging was it?

“I didn’t take a lot of time to adapt  because most of the faces i found at Villa Park were familiar. I had earlier played with them in junior setups and non-league football.”

Your debut for The Jogoos came against BUL F.C, how memorable was it for you?

“It is the day I will never forget in my life because it is the day I made my first appearance in Uganda’s top division. And on top of that the team managed to salvage a draw after going a man and a goal down.”  

Days later, you made a home debut against Mbarara City in whic seeh you scored two goals and was also named Man of The Match. To you as a striker, of what significancy were these two goals to you in a Villa jersey?

“It was an amazing moment for me as striker to be on the scoresheet and i was also very happy for collective hard work from the team to help me score and win the Man of The Man Award. I hope to build on that and score more goals for my team.”

Still about goals, your only goals this season have come against Mbarara City, what challenges hindered you from having scored in all other games?

“I cannot point out any challenges because as a professional player, I go out and play as the coaches instruct me. If the goals do not come that’s unfortunate but even my coaches always offer a word of encouragement that I will constantly be on the score sheet soon.”

In all games you’ve played this season, you have been substituted, as a striker how does it feel being substituted before scoring a goal?

“That one goes to the coaches because they have their game plans: My work is to play which I do whenever given the opportunity.”

Why did you choose jersey number 11?

 “11 is my favorite jersey number.”

What should Villa fans expect from you when the league returns on February 13th?

“Nothing much but goals because my role is to score goals.”

Now that the league has gone for a break, how are you going to spend the time off??

“Even though we are in some kind of break, as a player I kept working hard. In football, there is no time to rest until one retires.”

And finally, What advise are you giving out to all Ugandans in relation to staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic?

“I just want to let them know that COVID-19 is real. Respect and follow the standard operating procedures as given by the Ministry of Health.”